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Establish since 2005

CineCrown’s mission is to help your stories come to life. Our vision is to make your dreams into reality. We deliver genuine and authentic stories through the power of creative vibrant visual imagery through photography, cinematography, video production, and branding design. We value quality, integrity, passion, and leadership.

CineCrown started in 2005 as an art and design studio. From its humble beginnings in a home office, our studio has grown into a recognized digital powerhouse, housing a team of directors, writers, filmmakers, photographers and creative artists. We love telling stories and helping you tell yours. That is what we do!

Our team has been committed to helping our public non-profits communities, such as local churches and the local Chamber of Commerce. CineCrown has also been a guess speak at CSUS for young upcoming artists and business owners. We believe in giving as much back as possible to our community in order for everyone to thrive.

Our mission is to help YOUR story come to life. Our indispensable values are integrity, passion, and leadership. Our work is unique in every sense. We take the honest approach to make sure end products are delivered. Rest assured that YOU will have the ultimate experience with us, as your dedicated photographers and cinematographers for your special day.

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CineCrown Mission Statement

CineCrown’s mission statement is to help our clients’ stories come to life. We value integrity, passion, and leadership. We take an honest approach to make sure that we deliver products that you can be happy and proud of. Rest assured that you are in the great hands of professionals when you hire CineCrown.

Your Story

Your story is what will make you different from everyone else. It is what will fortify your brand and create a unique reason why people choose you over the other dozen companies who do the same thing you do. A powerful story is needed for a powerful brand. Begin telling your story so that people can listen to you.

Your Brand

Your brand is the bloodline of your business. It is people’s first instinct when they think about you, encounters you, or see your logo. It is important that you showcase your brand in a positive manner so that you can build trust with your clientele. Let us help you build your brand reputation through brand video production.

Our Creation

Stories that can capture an audience’s heart, gain their trust, and stand tall on their own are the ones that should be told. We at CineCrown urge you to let us help you make your story come to life, so that you may connect to your audience and build a life-long relationship with them. With more than 40 years of combined experience, we make sure to work with clients who have aligned values like ours. CineCrown has a team of professionals who know the ins and outs of video and digital marketing.

About Us

An Experienced Team of Skilled Professional

Our Team Leader

CineCrown’s mission statement is to help our clients’ stories come to life. We value integrity, passion, and leadership. We take an honest approach to make sure that we deliver products that you can be happy and proud of. Rest assured that you are in the great hands of professionals when you hire CineCrown.

Our Team Leader

Martin Vo


Martin Vo has more than 30 years of experience in the art world. He grew up in California in 1994 and earned a handful of Bachelor’s degrees and awards. He won many artistic awards since he was nine years old. Only a short time after arriving in Sacramento, he won the prestigious Top Ten Youngest Artists in Sacramento Award in 1996. He also has won many other awards and contests throughout his High School including oil painting, drawing, woodcarving, and sculpture. He graduated from High School with the highest score possible International Baccalaureate in Art and exhibited his first Art Show to the public.

Continuing upwards in his career as creative director, He graduated from California State University, Sacramento with seven different degrees, including a Bachelor of Art in Photography and Cinematography Studio Arts and a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design, branding, and marketing focus.

Through dedication and hard work, he became the youngest creative director of Studio 316. Eventually, this led to him opening his own Studio for photography and video productions. He would then go and receive the number one best artist award from the local Sacramento TV Station KCRA3 as their A-list Filmmaker. He also placed second place in the creative division for the Wedding and Portrait Photography International (WPPI).

Martin has the education and experience to produce products that would exceed the clients’ vision. Martin continues to acquire more knowledge of new technology that will bring forth new skills and styles to the products we offer. Martin gained recognition and status to become currently a Creative Director and Director of Photography at CineCrown Studio.

About Me

My name is Martin Vo, I have breathed and lived the art of storytelling since I was accepted to the art academy at the age of four, the youngest artist at the time. I created stories through vibrant oil paintings on canvas with an artistic touch. In seven years of college, photography, and filmmaking allowed me to tell a greater story, the love story of two people. Stories can pass from generation to generation, and be relived through album photos and video. My goal is to pass on your story to your family, your kids, and future generations. I believe I can capture this through filmmaking and photography to seal your memories so that they can be remembered forever. I believe that storytelling is extremely powerful and this is why I want to tell yours.

Ming Y.


Weddings are more than just about two individuals joining hands in marriage. It is also about two families coming together as one and sparking new relationships thereafter. It is always my honor to be able to have the opportunity to create memories that will last decades. The camera is my tool and with it, I can create beautiful images that will melt your heart and continue to, five, ten, and even twenty years from now.

Thomas M.


My first gig in the video was my friend’s wedding. After realizing how special such an event can be, I fell in love with the work. I was very interested in witnessing the story of two people falling in love and making a promise to each other for better or worse. This came to me as the most natural thing that a human being can ever undergo and it is so pure. I eventually married my beautiful wife and together we have a son. Life is about love, and I enjoy capturing love.

Hannah D.


As a cosmetologist, I can say that making sure you look your best on your special day is the most important thing. There’s nothing better than being confident in yourself. As a head editor of the team, I love paying attention to small details and making adjustments in order to better an image. My goal is to make sure the final results of your image is something that you can enjoy and be proud of for the rest of your life.

Jackson P.


Ever since high school, I’ve considered shooting and editing videos as a major part of my life. My first camcorder was the old VHS Camera, something really hard to come by nowadays. I’ve always been the one to move along with technology, getting the latest new tech! Even though all the tech is great, what’s more, important is what I can do with it. My joy is in capturing and making sure that the couple will have something they can remember for the rest of their life.

Harison R.


As we go through the journey of life, there will be moments that we want to record forever to remind us of the time we spent with loved ones. My Life and work have been driven by a search for meaning, so I have dedicated myself to master by craft; but I value your experience above all. I look forward to speaking with you and producing images that will endure a lifetime for you and the people you love.



From a young age, weddings always made me smile. I love LOVE. To experience LOVE is a beautiful feeling that is unique with every relationship. That is why it was only natural that my love for photography and weddings collided into this wonderful passion that I have today. I will be the visual storyteller with my lens and your calm for the day of the wedding. My wish is to capture the love and emotions of your special day and make you fall in LOVE all over again. <3