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We’ve been in the wedding videography and filmmaking industry since 2005 and we’ve helped countless couples tell their stories. We understand that as your wedding cinematographers, it is not only important to capture stunning elegant films and videos of your wedding day but also to provide you with an unforgettable wedding experience. We enjoy serving our clients to the best of our abilities and make sure our process is as seamless as possible.


A picture is worth a thousand words, so imagine how much a million pictures in a film are worth. Wedding photography captures only a moment, while filmmaking captures the continuous emotional, raw feeling of the vows and the happiest moment of the wedding so you can relive it again.

Filmmaking is aimed toward the artistic field of view through the utilization of special pieces of equipment such as sliders, stabilizers, proper lighting, and special sound gear. Filmmaking aims at different perspectives and creativity to the end result bringing you a “WOW” factor.

Signature Wedding DocuStory Film from CineCrown has come a long way and is unique to each couple. We implement a more personal approach and create a movie-like film that is story-driven, meaningful, emotional, as well as energetic from the beginning to the end. With sound engineering, we are able to capture clear voices including vows and toasts to tell the whole story.

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Difference Between “Highlight Film” and “Documentary Film”

Each time you book a videographer or cinematographer, you will see different packages that vary between different companies. Some may be called “Wedding Film”, others may be called, “Highlight Video,” but in reality these two terms are not fundamentally different and normally interchangeable words. Let’s define the difference between these and our Signature Wedding Documentary Story Film that we offer at CineCrown.


1. Wedding Highlight Film

A “Wedding Highlight Film” in Silver Collection is created like a document that catches the viewer’s eye through the use of slick editing effects with revolving music. This option is more budget friendly, while still showcasing your special moments within a short (3-4 minutes) music-like video that can be shareable on all social media platforms with ease.

This makes it very easy for you to share your special day with everyone. However, the downside is that it is fast-paced, and does not show the entirety of your event. It also will only show the fun aspect of your day and leave out intimate and emotional moments. Overall, you can say it may be slightly less personal and more like a music video of your day.

Many couples may only want their video to display specific important bits of their day. This helps to keep some of the intimate moments private if that’s what they want. Highlights may be preferable if you are a camera-shy couple. If you are looking for a longer film, and want to include more memories in your video, you should consider the Documentary Style Wedding Film.

Wedding Story Short Film


Signature DocuStory Wedding Film

A “Documentary Style Film” (sometimes called Feature Film) on the other hand is more like a mini short movie of your special day. The story driven video is longer in length and includes dialog components such as your vows, toasts, etc. It has no formal beginning, middle, or end. It’s a collection of scenes, some dialogues, characters, and other things that will often be used to tell your story in a cinematic way.

Documentary wedding films also include all of the stunning and upbeat footage that a highlight would include, but it also adds all of your intimate and emotional moments between you and your partner, your friends, and family. It’s basically just longer and contains more memories from your special day which required more production coverage hours and extensive crews which also drive the higher cost.

1. Wedding DocStory Short Film

If you want the best of both worlds, plus more, we would like to introduce our Signature DocuStory Wedding Film (8-10 Minutes) by CineCrown in the Gold Collection. This Love Story Film includes all the important feature moments of your wedding day as a Documentary Style Film, and we also include interviews of your closest friends and family to overlay with your video. We script, interview, and direct to bring a vision or theme to life. We also hand-pick special moments and beautiful footage of your wedding day along with key speeches, vows, interviews, and toasts, and put all these precious moments together to tell your story. This makes the video even more valuable to you as you can remember all the sweet things that your loved ones have to say about you and your spouse.

Our distinctive Award-Winning ability to retell your wedding story makes us unique. A story-driven with emotional and entertaining moments, offer our most popular booked short story film collection. With over a decade of experience in telling stories, the CineCrown team works hard to craft your story from the moment we meet. We help you prepare your own wedding story and plan for the shot-list.

Towards the end of the day, these two styles will be filled with amazing memorable moments in which you can cherish forever, but if you are still unsure which is best for you, talk to us and we will help you figure it out!

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More About Our Cinematography Styles

CineCrown Photography & Cinematography Studios has always strived to be one of the best wedding cinematographers in the world. Our creative vision and “all-in” approach, combined with the latest technology, allow our wedding films to stand out and be a reflection of your wedding day!

It is our sincere goal for every couple to experience a wedding film that is a true reflection of who they are.

To ensure that we achieve the best wedding cinematography, we have some key aspects that are important to us: an “all-in” approach, planning/pre-production, cinematography/filming, lighting, audio, editing/storytelling, color correction/grading, mastering and delivering the final video to you in a format that you will be able to enjoy forever.

We have invested in cinema-grade cameras and lenses that give your wedding film a more cinematic and Hollywood look. More specifically, we use Canon DSLR cameras and pro-Canon L series lenses. We also use professional-grade audio equipment, stabilizers, sliders, monopods, and tripods. We have lighting equipment as well to capture your event in the best possible light and improve the overall look of the film (this is especially useful during the wedding reception and speeches). Additionally, we have introduced Jib and Drone shots to allow our films to really stand out with the cinematic footage that we capture. Most importantly, our approach allows us to use ALL our cinema tools at any time without having to add them to your package. With this approach, your wedding video will be the best it possibly can be.

We are humbled when we can create a film that brings tears to your eyes; in awe of the preserved priceless memories.

A lot of work goes into crafting an amazing film that looks and feels like a Hollywood movie. We have been doing wedding cinematography since 2005 and we have the experience, passion, and creativity to create the best quality wedding film possible for each bride and groom. We have learned to focus on quality and create wedding videos that tell a story. Known for our cinematic shots, creative angles, our ability to capture stories, and “running around like ninjas” – we have become an award-winning wedding cinematography team.

A memory for a lifetime shouldn’t be a hard choice. We are 100% confident that we can create a wedding film that you will love and enjoy.

Our primary service areas are Northern California including Sacramento, San Francisco, Bay Area, Napa, Sonoma, and Lake Tahoe. However, we have traveled all over California, United States and even internationally to capture wedding documentary style. We have also been capturing cultural weddings such as Chinese & Vietnamese (Tea Ceremonies) Filipino & Mexican(Catholic), Indian (Sikh & Hindu), and Pakistani (Muslim). With this bounty of experience, we have become very accustomed to the many things that might be thrown at us at a wedding. Let us tell your story!

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