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Inspired by Visual & Emotions


Lighting The Ordinary to Extraordinary

CineCrown specializes in creating breathtakingly beautiful wedding & event lighting. We’re passionate about adding a luxurious, whimsical atmosphere on top of your event with our special up lights and dance lights. We will be sure to bring out the best in your venue by showcasing its elegance and ambiance. Allow us to outfit your venue, bringing out its true beauty effortlessly with our brilliant color up light.

The best lighting can change the entire atmosphere of the venue and transform it into something wondrous. Our light design specialist will help you find and design the right elements for your magical moment. Our lights is compact, battery and wireless LED uplighting fixtures that are vibrant and they can create a variety of color light options that’s right for you.

We believe in our service, and you’ll be amazed at the high-quality lighting we offer. We listen carefully to what you need to help reach your dream event and work with you to make it happen. We want your satisfaction guaranteed so give us a call or send us an email today.

Style of Wedding UpLights


A light designer will consider many factors when choosing what style of lighting you need at your wedding or coporate event. Our grasp of event lighting design & premium lighting equipment (along with the ability to combine these elements in original ways) means we can create truly unforgettable environments that far surpass anything you’ve seen before. Our lights will get people talking, and put your guests at ease. Enhance the decor of your event with our gorgeous spectrum that can complete any event no matter where it’s held.

Here at CineCrown Event Lighting, our mission is to provide an excellent lighting experience that doesn’t break the bank. We want to make sure your wedding or special event is stylish, memorable and affordable. We provide inspiring lighting consultation and design services as well as assembly, disassembly and event management in Sacramento, California at a competitive fee.

What make us different from other companies is that we are committed to making our customers happy and providing them with the variety of lighting they need. We offer corporate event lighting, wedding lights, etc.

Sacramento Event UpLights


Gobo Light

If you’re looking for a unique decoration that will make your event stand out, consider getting a Gobo. Gobos are the modern way to add a flare or unique touch to any dance floor, backdrop, or blank wall. Our latest technology results in the brightest colors possible in logo projection. This means that we make your decorative name or logo stand out from the crowd.

There are two types of Gobos. The first is called a monogram gobo, which is typically made up of initials or names. The second type is a pattern/texture gobo or abstract design that can be used to display on surfaces such as walls or dance floors. You can choose both to make your boring wall or dance floor have some texture.

Your gobo will be custom made and if you can think it, we can make it. A dedicated team member will work with you to come up with a design that is perfect for your guests. We also offer animated gobos so that your guests will be more impressed.

Dance Lights & Special Effect

When it comes to dancing floor lighting, there are plenty of options for you to consider. We think color washes provide a fun and tasteful atmosphere that will really make the party pop. Our dance lights can change color to the music, or moving-head lights so you can see the light through the air. It all adds up to a really fun night and will get people on the dance floor! There are many different techniques to light up a stage. One of our favorites is a simple wash light. It provides beautiful front lighting so your dance floor will stand out.

Spot & Pinspot Lights

Spot lighting and pinspot light is a way of highlighting your best features such as your cake and centerpieces. If you want that stunning entrance at your wedding or event, pinspots are a stylish and efficient way to do it. When the room lighting is dimmed, your cake, centerpiece and other decorations will get lost in the dark. This advanced light design shines bright tiny beams of light towards any centerpiece, cake table, floral arrangement or anything else that needs to be highlighted. When you want to show off your decor, highlight them with our spot lighting. This can make any space more inviting and give it some extra attention.

Sacramento Event UpLights


What are Event Uplights?

Up-lighting also should not be confused with venue room lighting which is mainly used to brighten up the venue. There are some wedding venues in Sacramento that have tried to put in their own built-in uplighting, but they are usually poorly placed within the room and use older technology. Each light uses modern wireless technology with 9-12 large RGBWA-UV LED lights and battery operation, which is no harm to using the old venue power and no messy wire that people can trip over.
Think of up-lighting as a way to bring in your wedding colors or accent those colors within your room decor. If the bridesmaid dresses are blue, then maybe a complementary color like yellow on the walls will work for your wedding uplighting. Maybe that barn wedding is just too dark and using amber up-lighting on the wood beams will bring out the warm wood tones. Any way you look at it – up-lighting will make your wedding photos even better.
CineCrown is the perfect place to get professional lighting rental for your venue. Our lights are compact, wireless LED uplighting fixtures are vibrant and offer a variety of color options. We can come up with a lighting plan that’s right for you.
Up-lighting will make your wedding reception experience more memorable in the modern world. Up-lighting will help aluminate the architecture in your wedding ballroom in the color scheme of your wedding and create the ambiance of illuminating color theme on the wall and ceiling. Dance floor lighting is typically pointed mainly at the floor changing color and rhythm based on music during dancing. You might need both along with a fog machine.
We use the latest technology, wireless sync, and battery-powered up-lights to fit perfectly into an environment without cluttering up space. Our uplights come with a wide range of colors to choose from with RGBWA+UV LEDs (Red, Green, Blue, White, and Amber lights) which give you the ability to pair any color imaginable together.

Colorful UpLights for Sacramento Venue