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Telling your story is one of the biggest things that you would ever have to accomplish in order to connect with your customers. Not many people will care about what you have to say unless you give them a reason to care. In today’s world, the media plays a large factor in the influence in our lives and although many may not realize it, it affects us in both negative and positive ways. Storytelling is a key factor in your business’ growth and development as well as the branding aspects. Utilizing storytelling through the digital medium is one of the best ways to get your side across to others, in this case, your customers.

Let’s talk about one thing that you and your customers have in common, and that is emotions. Emotions are powerful and every individual coming from various backgrounds has it. The question is, how can you tell your story to engage with your customers emotionally so that they care? Why should they care that you are a small local coffee shop owner on the corner of Broadway Street? Why should they come to get their needs from you instead of the convenient Starbucks drive-through? You can win them over by pricing perhaps, but in terms of business growth and scaling, getting into price wars will only degrade the market and cut your profits. So how can you obtain more customers, yet still have the proper pricing to reap your profits? Tell your story and leave value.

Give more to your customers, and you will get more from them. Develop your brand by starting with your story and building the culture of your business so that you can attract loyal customers who will return out of trust. Your story will help others be able to connect with you in a more personal way. Take aim and charge towards your customers with your willingness to give more in value.

Connecting with Customers

The most significant asset of a business is its customers. The more you care for them, the more your brand will flourish. In the present era people no one buys products, people buy emotions. A business should learn to sell emotions. Emotions attract customers more than anything. An emotional connection with customers makes them come back for more. This connection can only be established when you open up to customers. Share your story with them. Tell them the purpose and aim of your brand. This requires an art known as story-telling which has made some people a successful director and similarly this art has literally made street fashion stores to impeccable brands.

The Art of Story-Telling

To connect with customers you need to share your story; the idea behind creating this business of yours. This storytelling can be done through the most powerful medium of communication; media. You can launch advertisements, and TVs on mainstream media. Or you could upload and boost short ads over social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, etc. Another way of doing this is by creating a short story or film regarding the history and ideology of your brand or business. Surprisingly enough people buy this more than any advertisement out there. Through story-telling, you could win the hearts of your consumers and get them to buy your products or services at a higher price. No matter whether the quality or standard of your competitor is high, consumers would come to buy from you out of sympathy and emotional connection.

Emotional Connection

Emotions are the most powerful magnet; they attract people and consumers far stronger than any other marketing strategy. In order to win over your competitors, you need to go the further mile and establish an emotional connection with your customers. This emotional connection could be love, sympathy, or admiration. It’s up to you as to how you tell your story to the world. The closer to the heart your story is, the more emotions it will attract. As said earlier, people buy emotions and therefore an emotional connection between customers and the business is essential to survive in the market.

Loyal Customers

A great story and an emotional connection will get you loyal customers; customers who will keep coming back for more, customers who will pay a good deal and buy more than ever. These loyal customers are also your brand ambassadors; they promote your brand wherever they go. They tell their friends, relatives, and acquaintances about how great and reliable your product or service is. This could get you a chain of loyal customers.

These people could be your backup in case you fail to make the targeted sales. They will buy from you no matter what. Therefore, you need loyal customers for your business and they are only achievable through an emotional connection.

Give More

A very common saying is that you give more to your customers to get more from them. This clearly means that you have to offer more than just a product or service. It is all that comes with it that matters to the customer. You need to put in the effort to make your customer realize why he wants your product or service so badly. A brand that wants to establish emotional and personal connections with its customers needs to put in a lot of creative ideas and stories to keep them engaged. A business owner should get out there, on social media platforms and convince his audience as to why they should buy his product or service.

There are many ways to give more to your customers. You could create a creative and engaging advertising campaign. Nowadays there is a new trend of challenges and pranks circulating all over social media. You could make use of this opportunity to market your brand with the greatest exposure ever. Consumers also love to buy from such brands.

Another way of making up for your customers is by starting a show or podcast where you explain why you started this brand and what is the legacy behind it. People are eager to know and when you share your story with them, they are eager to buy. You could also reach out to all the influencers and celebrities who have a huge fan following. When these people market and promote your brand on their social media profiles, your brand could potentially reach out to millions of people around the globe.


What we discussed so far is the significance of connecting with customers. A brand or business can only be successful if it values its customers more than anything. If you neglect your customers and focus solely on profit or gain, you are never going to make it to success. To value your customers means to engage with them. Give them the due attention they deserve. Interact with them through different advertisement campaigns. Let them know you care for them and they will give you back. Share the motive behind your business and they will buy it. They will come back to you for more and pay you a good deal. No matter what the business is and no matter how the owner advertises it, he/she must never neglect or ignore the importance of a customer.

Focus on each customer and make an empire one by one. It is commonly said that a loyal customer is worth more than gold. You could have loads of people stalking your brand but buying nothing but a loyal customer will leave behind all other brands to get to you. He/she will keep buying from you for a lifetime.