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Do you feel that your marketing content is not sufficient to increase your sales? Using marketing videos to promote your services could change things around! Video marketing is the most effective marketing strategy that companies use to promote their services. Moreover, videos are an attractive way of conveying your message to others.

If you are looking for someone who can serve you with different types of video services, CineCrown is where you’ll get the solution to your problems.

Most of you might not focus on creating videos. It seems a difficult task to make an attractive video to describe your services. But it becomes easy when you use our video production services in Sacramento. You don’t have to be a video expert or an actor. You just have to contact us, and we’ll serve you with the best video production ideas that will help you get the video according to your expectations.

So, without further suspense, let’s check out how we help our customers through our marketing and non-marketing video services!

Here is a list of “Marketing Video Services” that we offer:

Introductory/ Corporate Branding Video

Everything starts with the introduction. The introduction is what hooks the attention of the customers to consider your services. You might have written an engaging intro about your company like who you are and what services you provide. Or how your services can benefit them as compared to others? But what if you compose all of this in a corporative branding video? It will engage the audience more than the written content.

In this modern age, no one has the time to read what you have written. But if you add an engaging video to describe your services, then 9 out of 10 people will watch that video for sure! It is what we offer to our customers. You can contact us, share your details, and we’ll serve you with the best video marketing services that you need.

The time is now gone when people used to read the “About Us” section of a company. You have to put a focus on digital and animated presence. You have to understand the video marketing benefits for your business. We understand what to include in a corporative video and how to use the animations for better representation. That’s why contact us if you are just starting!

Video For Commercial Ads

Have you launched a new product? Then you should go for commercial video ads to make your product popular in the market. Because we are experts in creating commercial videos, we serve our customers with the best ideas for creating online commercials.

Now, what are video commercial ads? These are basically short clips of about 15 to 30 seconds. It is perhaps the best branding video technique that will promote your newly launched product. As it is a short clip, it contains the highlighting features of the product. If you don’t know how to make a video for commercial/TV ads, don’t worry because we will help you out!

You’ll have to give us the details of your item. We will suggest to you ways highlight its catchy features. After that, we will help you create a short video in a captivating way. It will hook the attention of the people and will make them try your product at least once. And if your product quality appeals to them, they will become your permanent customers. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us to get our expert guidance in regard to branding and commercial videos.

Social Media Marketing Video

The time is gone now when people use social media for chatting and sharing their thoughts with each other. Social media has now become a business marketing platform. For the past one or two years, companies have been focusing on their digital presence. And now, the competition on the internet is pretty high. That’s why they are using different social media websites to promote their products and services more effectively.

As an example, most companies have created their Facebook business pages to promote their products. There is lots of content written on their pages with product images. But you should not forget the video marketing benefits through social media. We have been working with several customers, and we have a lot of experience creating social media marketing videos. Hiring our services for creating social media videos would be a wise decision for your business.

You can merge the content of 4 to 5 pages in a short and captivating video. If you are looking to hook traffic toward your website, you can’t rely on content and images in this age. You have to use videos to hook more traffic, likes, comments, and shares. It is all you need to promote your services. We are here to provide our video services in Sacramento.

Product Explainer Video

We understand that your product has several benefits for your customers. We also understand that you have written all of the benefits in detail. But you also need to understand that in this busy life, no one has time to read the wall of text written in the product description and explanation. Therefore, you should look forward to creating product explainer videos for your products.

Video marketing is the best way to answer the questions of your targeted audience in a short time. In an explainer video, you explain the product in detail and present it in a way that the audience finds beneficial to use. Once you hook the people with your product explanation, you can make them buy your product. That’s why in such videos, the product features become the benefits for the customer.

We have experience in providing explainer video services. That’s why we know that these videos not only promote your product but also promote your brand name. It is the best branding video strategy that you can use to promote your other services. It is because more people will know about your brand and will trust your brand when buying other products. Contact us and we will serve you with the best video marketing ideas that will hook the attention of your targeted audience to buy your company’s products.

Company Culture/Behind-The-Scenes Video

Everyone is interested in knowing the reasons for how things initially started. How did you start your business? When did you start your business? How do you prepare your products? Covering all of this in a video will make people emotionally attracted to your brand. It is a fact that such videos force people to bind an emotional relationship with your brand. You can express the behind-the-scenes scenario in your video to let people know how you work and how you take care of your customers.

The size of these branding videos varies with the product. Expressing the company’s culture through video production in Sacramento has increased the sales of the company up to three times! This strategy works to bind long-term relationships with your customers. Such videos affect the human psyche emotionally. You can emotionally trap people into buying not one but all of your products!

Discussing the company’s culture, about us, and recruitment in a video is the best video marketing strategy in our opinion. You can hire our expert services to increase the number of your customers. This strategy will create brand awareness among new people, and they will buy your product if you prepare a captivating animated video using our video production services.

Creating Testimonials Video

If I say I found a bag of one million dollars, will you believe it? Of course not! But what if I show you the bag with money and then say that I found a bag of one million dollars? You’ll believe that because you have the proof in front of your eyes. The same is the case with your products. Creating testimonials videos for promoting your product can increase or decrease your sales. We’ll clear it in the next few lines!

Testimonials are the feedback and reviews that buyers leave on your product. You can’t be 100% sure that every buyer gives you a 5-star rating. Everyone has his opinion and feelings about the product. That’s why we said that this video marketing strategy can increase or decrease your sales. But you can cover the positive reviews in the video, so any new customer who reads them becomes impressed with your work. It is what we have a lot of experience with!

Everyone talks about the “pros” of his brand and services. But if a stranger likes your product, it makes others believe that the product really is worth it for them. So hire our commercial video services, and we will help you gather reviews from those who want to appreciate your product. We will help you reach your old clients who benefited from your services and want to recommend your products to everyone.

Events Video Production

It is also an effective video production service that our experts offer in Sacramento. There are several events that everyone arranges or attends in his life. A company organizes various events yearly. You can record those events and can post them on social media to let others know more about you. Now you might think that everyone can record and upload videos on their social media accounts. So how can we help you? Here is how!

We are an expert video production company, and we provide different types of video services. Suppose you are watching an interesting video on Facebook. Will you leave it halfway without watching it till the end? Of course not. You’ll think that there might be something important that will happen next in the video. All of this happens because that video is created by an expert team who understands how to hook and engage the viewer to watch the video till the end.

Creating event videos engaging is what we do. You can hire our services if you want to record any events. It will keep the audience engaged and will make them watch the video completely. So, there is a high chance that they understand everything you are trying to express in the event marketing video.

Let’s check out the “Non-marketing Video Services” that we offer!

Education/Tutorial Video

We offer our expert services in education/tutorial video production. Educational videos are meant for learning and teaching purposes. These videos include lesson videos for students or tutorial videos for new employees. You can hire our services if you want engaging and effective educational videos.

Here are some education video production examples:

  • Make videos for online lessons.
  • Make videos for “How-to” instructional guides.
  • Make videos for training new employees.
  • Make videos to teach website SEO.
  • Make videos for different online courses.

In short, we can serve you with the best video-making ideas that will help you record the best education/tutorial video. Just give us a try!

Non-Profit/Government Video

We offer our video production services to non-profits and the government to create engaging videos. For fundraisers, a short and to-the-point video can have a strong influence over others. These videos can help donors understand your policies. These will help you form a deep relationship with them.

Videos have a strong emotional impact on people who watch them. You can deliver your message more effectively than you can with your written content. According to research, after watching an engaging video from fundraisers, almost 57 percent of the donors donate immediately. It is how effective a video could be for non-profits and the government.

People prefer visual information over written content. We understand it, and that’s why we offer our video production services to you. Try our services and feel the change in your work!

Recruiting Video

Companies are recruiting employees, and people are searching for job vacancies. To make things work attractively, you can consider recruiting videos. These videos contain the job details and specifications. The people can watch and understand the job and can apply if they find the job interesting.

If you are the CEO of a company, then we will help you create a recruiting video. You have to talk about your company and the job requirements. We will help you make this video an engaging one!


Video production is what everyone needs. Whether it is a marketing video or a non-marketing video. We have expertise in several video production services. If you want to hire our video production services as a company or as an individual, contact us through our website We’ll be happy to serve you with the best of our capabilities and expertise. Thanks!