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The Best Advice For A Bride.
“Be sure to have a close friend or relative help you keep track of time if you don’t have an event coordinator,” says Kim. “Thanks to Martin’s advice while planning my wedding, ‘Don’t expect a perfect A+ out of your wedding, and be ready when unexpected things happen.’ Our wedding schedule was behind and I was prepared for it. During the excitement of the events taking place, it’s so easy to run late, especially when so many of you might be getting ready all at once! Allow an additional 15 minutes fluctuation to what you have planned for each key event time.”

Involve Family And Friends.
“Find ways to incorporate your family and friends as a part of your wedding day,” says Junsun. “My fellow friends gave me a hand with setting up the chairs, designing the programs, and each doing their own toast. Kim’s family members were involved in cutting flowers for decoration, greeting guests, and decorating the centerpiece of the ceremony. This will allow them to feel a part of the wedding. Those who are together will remember all the fun and heartwarming moments they shared with one another.”

Their Favorite Photo Moment.
“We thought the formal photos were going to be the most important,” says Kim, “but the candids turned out to be our favorites because we saw that everyone was in the moment as much as we were.”

What They Loved Most About Working with CineCrown.
Junsun says, “Martin and his crew at CineCrown were really cool. I didn’t know what to expect from a photographer and filmmaker, so when I saw pictures and videos of people and things I never got to see during the day, I was happy. They caught all of the details and got great shots of friends and family, too. Be sure to book both photo and video services to get the benefit of a team working as a whole band versus fighting for the shot.”

How to Tame Those Wedding Day Nerves.
Kim says, “There’s no real way to not be nervous, but I tried not to think about it, pretending we were getting ready for a prom instead.”

Which One Moment Will Last for Them Forever?
Junsun says they will most likely remember seeing Kim tearing up during the vows. “Kim is everything in my life, so seeing her tear up a little during the ceremony was enough to almost make me lose it. The cinematographer captured that moment and I’m so thankful they did because now every time I look back at it, our vows will be the reason why I’m still married to Kim.”