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SEO is by far the best marketing technique used by businesses all over the Internet. Unlike the typical ads which are shown to users abruptly, SEO is something that the customer asks for. People and consumers go to the internet to search for the products or services they desire. Therefore it is very much necessary to optimize your site to rank it higher to reach your required audience.

Now SEO is a skill that only works with experience and capability therefore you may need some tips and keys to hire your SEO consultant or outsource it to any agency. Before you get into all of that, it’s necessary to know if you really need SEO services for your brand or business.

Why SEO?

Simply put, SEO is used to boost your site or webpage to get more traffic and audience through a search engine platform like Google. Google has some policies on which it ranks your pages in the search results. Now in order to get to the first page, you need to optimize your page for certain keywords that are most searched by your customers. This does not however mean that you shouldn’t have other means of marketing on your site. A proper SEO-optimized page with great quality content and social media interaction could get your brand the consumer traffic it desires.

Now there are certain cases where SEO might not be a good option. For instance:

  • You are a completely new business or startup. In such a case people won’t be searching for your product or services. Therefore paid advertising could prove more fruitful for you.
  • SEO requires patience and only profitable businesses can afford to wait long for results. If you need immediate results then paid-to-advertise is the thing for you.

How to Find?

In this section, we shall discuss on efficient and effective ways of finding the best SEO consultant or agency for your site.

Now the most common method you could think of is searching the web where you could find many consultants and agencies ready to work with you. But this could be a hectic task and is also pretty risky. The easiest way is to consult with your business colleagues who may suggest someone who has already worked for them. This could save you a lot of time and guarantee the quality of work you shall receive.

Now if you choose to outsource your task to an agency it will save you a lot of time and money as well. Agencies usually deliver on time and do not need to be guided along the way. On the other hand, if you hire a consultant to do your job it could be costly as well as time-consuming. You would have to tell him/her what to do and how. But one advantage in this regard is that you could get flexible outcomes to form your in-house team.

People usually find it hard to discriminate between an agency and a consultant. Well, to put it simply, if you just want the job done then you should go for a marketing agency like CineCrown to get SEO services. But if you’re more into customizing stuff according to your needs, you may hire a consultant.


The most obvious question is how much these services cost. Well for small-scale businesses that are outsourcing their work, these services would cost about $600 to $1200 a month. It could take up to $2500 per month for a business operating on a large scale.

Lower-cost Work

You may also get your work done at a lower cost from SEO experts who are remotely working from overseas. These are mostly people from Pakistan or China who can be found on various freelancing platforms. Some people may not think it safe to risk their task to someone they barely know, but the lower cost and best results are worth the risk. In this case, one should however refrain from long projects to remain on the safe side.


To get work done you need to know the proper communication tactics and skills that you are to use.

  • Firstly, you may need to inquire about the type of content that he/she will be producing. This could be blogs, articles, backlinks, videos, etc. If you are confident to produce all of this content yourself then it’s preferable for you to get an in-house team to do your task.
  • Now people usually ask questions like: ‘How long have you been doing this work?’ To be really honest this does not really matter much. What matters is the dedication, research, and creativity that they put into their work. In fact, the more creative your worker is, the better he/she can optimize your site.
  • Another important communication point here is that you must ask your agency or consultant as to what changes he/she will be making to your site. You do not want to be disappointed afterward when the milk has been spilled, therefore it’s better to reaffirm everything beforehand.
  • You must also ask about the results; what kind of results would be visible and when will they most likely be prominent? This saves a lot of misunderstandings and disappointments.
  • You should not be hesitant to ask questions like; How long will the project take? Or how many clients have you satisfied? You could also ask him if he offers refunds or not.
  • The last but not the least, you must confirm the terms of payment for the service. Whether it is a fixed amount per month or after the job is completed etc.


To summarize this topic we can say that SEO is an important aspect of digital marketing and cannot be neglected by businesses working online.