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We cannot jump to the main topic without discussing the basics. Do you know? What is a Commercial video? A commercial video is a great technique to advertise your products and services, using different means of communication. That includes television, social media, and other sites on the internet. In other words, we can say an advertisement or teaser for your company, products, or services.

How to make commercial or branding videos?

There are many video production companies all over the world. If you want a commercial video you hire one. These video production agencies give complete filmmaking services for the video production of your brands, companies, and businesses.

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Some turn-key points for your commercial video production

  • Don’t be so complex, focus on simple techniques.
  • Use a precise and clear central message.
  • Be true about your brand, and stay authentic.
  • Know your specified audience.
  • Use creative ideas or Video Marketing

A good commercial video means a good influence on your branding video advertisement on people.

So, without tangling into an extensive discussion, Let’s come to the point.

When the discussion starts about Commercial video production, or video marketing strategies the two main terms come to our mind, one is a corporate video and the other is a promotional video. Well, both terms are the types of Commercial video.

Importance of knowing that corporate videos and promotional videos are different from each other!

It is very important to know the difference between these terms. When you know the difference between these two, you will be able to avoid inadequate communication and misunderstandings with your customers and you will be able to provide good transparency.

Now the question is,

How Corporate video is Different from a Promotional video?

Let’s first talk about corporate video.

What is a Corporate Branding Video?

A corporate branding video is a kind of non-advertising video content created for some company, institute, business, etc. The communication manager or marketing manager of a company is responsible for corporate video production. Corporate videos can be created for internal employees of an organization. For example, executive proposals videos, client testimonial videos, product videos, market updates, corporate updates videos, Brand films, investor relations, etc.

Nowadays these corporate video contents are available on the official websites of the companies because the video plays a very important role in the marketing strategies of a company. Corporate video production companies collect a company’s marketing materials, information about the company’s assets, and other matters from the marketing manager of the company, to produce a corporate video.

The time duration for the production of the corporate video depends on the complexity of the given materials.

There are different types of corporate videos listed below.

  • Product Demo, Launching corporate videos
  • Live to stream, Occasional events corporate videos
  • Customer testimonial videos
  • Promotional/Branding videos
  • Service/product presentation demographics
  • Financial results corporate videos
  • Investors relationship videos

So, you are still reading? That’s great, This was the corporate video, but now we are going to discuss a promotional video.

Let’s move on!

You may be familiar with the term “promo video”, This term is mostly used in the commercial environment, maybe an upcoming event or program. Well, it’s the short term of the word promotional video. The confusion is, what is a promotional video? What is the purpose of its production?

But we are here to clarify all these things for you.

Let’s dive in!

What is a promotional video?

A promotional video is video content based on a marketing initiative, promotion of events; series, etc. Promotional videos are very similar to teaser videos in tone and style. Promos are very useful videos to bring awareness to new events online. A good promo is enough to seek the attention of the viewers; an introductory promo video introduces your brand to new customers.

Promotional videos play a crucial role in the development and marketing of a company, business, or organization. The best suggestion for promotional video production is to leave this responsibility in the hands of video production companies because they take the responsibility to provide the best video for you.

The reasons behind the production of promotional videos include.

  • To increase sales
  • To drive customer engagements
  • Knowledge and guidelines for customers
  • To increase traffic
  • Awareness of brand and company

Objectives of a good promotional video

For a good promotional video, you need to follow the steps given below

1. Focus on your goal

Video production services are very costly so it is better to get a clear start on your goals because you must identify your goal and consider why you want to produce this video.

2. Choose a direction

Now when you know the reasons to create the promotional video, you better know the direction, so choose the right direction.

Types of Promotional videos.

Your promotional video may be the following

  • Introductory
  • Narrative
  • Testimonial
  • Product-focused
  • Explanatory
  • Drive action
  • Problem-solving
  • Entertainment
  • Informative
  • Endorsement

3. Choose a focused tone

Your tone is your attitude and behavior, Choose a good tone because your video is going to make your targeted audience feel something, so your good tone will keep your audience engaged so set your tone accordingly. For example, you can set tones like Humorous, Entertaining, Inspirational, cutie, and cool.

4. Duration

Decide the time duration of your promotional video. For example, you can choose the time duration for your video 60 seconds, a minute, or 5 minutes but need to decide before the production of your video.

5. Choose a good video style

You have already your goal direction, tone, and duration, focused. Now in this step, you need to select a visual style for your promotional video. We are going to give you some ideas about the visual style of your video.

Visual style means how your video will look, you can choose your visual style from these.

  • Animated
  • B-roll
  • Stock
  • Real people
  • Screencast
  • Whiteboard
  • Live-action


Thanks for making it this far till the end of the article. We covered almost every aspect to show you the difference between a corporate video and a promotional video. You can adopt these video marketing strategies to grow your business at a faster rate.

If you still have any confusion, or you want to hire video production services experts, then contact us at We’ll see you in the next post. Till then, Be Sound!