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Your wedding planning adventure should be a fun and pleasant experience. It’s a great time for you and your fiancé to connect and work with each other to brainstorm the most important aspects of your wedding. Plan your dream wedding by defining your wedding vision and then plan every detail around it.

Define Your Wedding Vision:

Start defining your wedding vision with what’s important to both of you. How do you want to feel on the day? Do you want it to be fun, heartfelt, romantic, full of surprises, respectful of traditions, or one hell of a party? Think about what you don’t want and put it on a no-go list. No-go lists are extremely helpful when you’re having a difficult time deciding on what you want. The list can help you formalize what is important and what is not. List out traditional aspects usually associated with weddings to help you define important and unimportant aspects of the wedding.

Brainstorming and Research:

Now think about all those weddings you’ve been to and note what worked really well and what could have been better. We’ve all been to parties that we loved and those that we were less impressed with. Think back to those events and pick out the elements that made them stand out. What do you think made it work so well or not so well? Perhaps it was the food, maybe the atmosphere, or the entertainment. What you notice as being conducive to creating a memorable experience will shed some light on those aspects you want to focus on.

Also, imagine what you’d like to hear your guests say about your wedding and how they felt about it. What would you want them to say and more importantly how would you want them to feel? Keeping your guests in mind will help you design a fun and enjoyable wedding.

Keywords at a Personal Touch:

To make your wedding more about you, make a list of words that describe your personal style as well as your relationship. Think about those keywords that make you who you are, from the clothes you wear to the music you listen to, to the little things that make your relationship work. Your list of words can be phrases or adjectives that describe who you are, what you mean to each other, or perhaps your pet name. Take a look at the words you’ve written down – are there certain phrases or words that keep cropping up? Possibly words like fun, stylish, romantic, funny, energetic, light of my life, and my everything. Make note of those words that crop up time and time again, as these will define what’s important for you and help you to develop your own final idea and concept for your wedding. Use a thesaurus and start examining those words so that you can really drill down on the meaning you associate with each of them.

Organize with Pinterest:

Use the information you’ve gathered to design a concept that works for you. The concept itself is the inspiration and the ideas that stem from all of these considerations can be used to determine the overall look, décor, and details. Look to Pinterest to design inspiration boards that’ll help you finalize your wedding look.

Create Your Wedding Look:

Now that you have inspiration boards on Pinterest, narrow down your final wedding look on paper to create a theme. Print pictures of key elements you want in your weddings such as color and theme; possibly a time frame or period- vintage or rustic; locations you love that you can turn into a theme, like a Paris backdrop or simply the venue itself; graphics and textures for invitations; flowers and finally the mood of the theme. Make sure all these aspects have meaning and are related to your own personal life. Connect them all to make it cohesive. As a rule of thumb make sure each element is used at least two or three times.

Enjoy Planning Your Wedding:

Finally, remember that getting married is about more than just one day. So think about the entire process of being engaged and planning your wedding day. How involved do you want to be and who can help you along the way? Do you want to be totally involved in the planning process or can you split the task between the two of you? Maybe solicit some help from family and friends. Or perhaps bring in help from a professional. Whatever you choose enjoy your wedding planning journey and keep close to you all the wonderful reasons you’re getting hitched in the first place. Don’t just focus on the end result, enjoy the here and now as this is all part of “getting married”.

After booking CineCrown, make sure to contact Martin Vo for further planning and concept ideas.