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We know you work hard and probably don’t get the proper amount of sleep! With this, you may accumulate eye bags that aren’t so appealing. Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to start getting rid of it before your big day!

1. Make sure you start getting more sleep, especially as your wedding day gets closer. It is recommended at least 7 hours of good sleep each night for your body to be fully rested.

2. Be sure to stay hydrated! Hydration is a must for keeping your body healthy, but also for the movement of blood circulation. Ultimately, your bags are due to poor sleep and fluid movement, and cause build-up underneath your eye. Staying hydrated will limit the amount of build-up under your eyes.

3. Use a cold compress! Every day when you wake up, compress the bags directly with something very cold. You can take two spoons and put them into the freezer the night before, and when you wake up, take each spoon and apply it to each bag until the spoon loses its coolness. This should help loosen the fluid build-up.

4. Keep this up for a week and you should start seeing reducation in the swelling.

Good luck and we wish you the best!