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All brides will eventually have to figure out their hair and make-up artist. Although there are many different ways in which you can approach this, we are going to point out a few things that are important. Choose carefully the type of style and quality of work that your hair and make-up artist does, and most importantly read up on their reviews on past work.

Ask for several different looks and styles that they are confident in doing and have done before in the past. All professionals will have samples and even offer you a trial hair-do or make-up test after setting a deposit with them. This will allow you to make sure that you really like the end product before you proceed, and most importantly allow you to get to know your artist a bit more so that you can be comfortable and confident on the day of. It is important for you to take pictures of your end result and look at them over and over again, even getting your best friend’s opinion on it as well.

This will allow you to become even more confident about the look that you want so that you can feel perfect on your wedding day. When you are booking a hair and make-up artist, be sure to ask them if they do a trial run when you set a deposit with them. Most of them who are confident in the work they do will make sure that you are taken care of and will allow you to make adjustments as you go. Just like choosing the right photographer for your wedding, it is important that you really enjoy the makeup and hair artist’s work prior to working with them.

CineCrown has prepared some great advice to ensure show-stopping photographs on your wedding day. Avoid beauty malfunctions by planning ahead, and you’ll be the belle of the ball on your most important day.


Be sure to have a hair and makeup trial at least a month before your wedding for peace of mind. Make sure to snap a few images after your session to make sure all elements, from makeup to hair, to dress, to jewelry, are a perfect match—and fabulously photogenic. You can use your makeup trial for your engagement session. This will ensure how you look in your engagement photos.


Allow 50% more time for hair and makeup than you originally anticipated on the big day. This will ensure you have plenty of time for all the portraits you want to take before the wedding.


To prepare for every lighting scenario, apply makeup in natural light since you can detect subtle tones in skin and foundation color, and know for certain how much blush or bronzer to put on.


Go easy on the shimmers and translucent powders. A little goes a long way, but too much ends up looking streaky & unpolished.


Because you’re likely to look washed out without it, wear more makeup than you would if you were going out for the evening. Even if you are not the type to wear a ton of makeup, make an exception for your wedding day.


There will be tears, so waterproof mascara is a must. Even if you’re not terribly emotional, the stress leading up to the day is enough to leave anyone in tears.


Even if it seems counterintuitive, most wedding makeup artists will swear on false eyelashes. Not only do they make your eyes pop, but you will also hardly even notice that they’re there. Make sure to research and consult with your makeup artist to know which ones to buy.


Be sure to use powders with a yellow tint, since pink or white powder can cause the flash of the camera to pick up cool shades, rather than warm, natural ones. Sure, you want your powder to match your skin tone, but you don’t want to look pale or ghostly.


Use a blending brush to seamlessly blend your concealer, powder, and your bronzers together along with your face & your neck for a flawless, natural look.


Make sure to take excellent care of your skin in the weeks leading up to your special day. This means a daily, faithful date with a quality cleanser, moisturizer, and exfoliant (when necessary).


Good posture is the icing on the wedding cake. You might look good enough to eat, but slouching makes wedding photos seem a little less dishy.