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Looking at the past few years, we find ourselves in the middle of a marketing revolution. With brands shutting down their physical stores transitioning to digital marketing, and hiring outside agencies to assist them in branding, advertising, and lead generation programs. This may not be a necessity to outsource your digital marketing to any marketer or marketing agency, but let us discuss some reasons why you should outsource your Digital Marketing.

1. Payoff Guaranteed

Let us compare your marketing in terms of ROI in case your In-House team did it to the case where you outsource it to a digital marketing agency, like CineCrown. When this task is accomplished by your In-House team there may not be a guaranteed return on investment; they generally have a higher hiring cost, they require leaves and legal benefits, etc. On the other hand, if you outsource the marketing to an agency – say CineCrown, you get custom pricing with ample experience and quality work which promises a good ROI value which is impossible in the other case. Also outsourcing to a marketing agency saves you all chances of bad hires or faulty work.

Now to compare the general costs of the two scenarios, let us consider the average cost of hiring an in-house marketing team. This team includes a CMO, Digital Marketing Manager, Social Media Manager, VP of Marketing, Communication Specialist, and Communication Manager. The hiring cost of all these sums up to about 337,000 $ a year for a middle-sized business and reaches up to 947,000 $ for a high-end marketing campaign. On the other hand, marketing agencies cost an average of 2500$ to 25,000 $ a month. This totals up to an annual of 30,000 to 300,000 $ which is substantially lower than the latter method. Not only this but hiring an agency would save you the hassle of managing campaigns, creating reports crawling websites, etc.

2. Focus on Your Passion

Once you start marketing your brand on your own, with your own hired team, you are always into the unwanted task of advertising and campaigning for your brand, you hardly get to focus on what matters to you. Alternatively, outsourcing this task to a marketing agency like CineCrown Productions gives you the time and space to focus on your passion and to work on it with complete devotion and concentration.

The owner of a business should ideally be worried about what products he/she is to launch for their customers and not advertise it. Therefore if you are to save yourself from the bother of advertising campaigns, it’s better to outsource your digital marketing to a marketing agency.

3. Up with the Newest Marketing Trends

Another perk of outsourcing your digital marketing task is that you always stay in touch with the latest and most effective marketing trends; unlike the other method, where you could be set back by outdated and less effective marketing strategies. When you have handed over your task to an experienced and qualified marketing agency like CineCrown Productions, you do not need to worry about new social media platforms and their marketing techniques – for example, TikTok which recently made its place among the top marketing platforms.

A well-equipped marketing agency is always very receptive and responsive to new marketing trends and adapts effectively to produce great results out of your marketing campaign. For example, consumers recently shifted to Instagram which made 20 Billion dollars in ad revenue last year (2019). This means that there are a growing number of trends and marketing tactics to which only marketing agencies can adapt effectively.

4. Boundless Creativity

When mentioning all the limitations of doing your digital marketing on your own, we must not forget that creativity is limited. The average employee you hire does not manifest a groundbreaking campaign; that is because of the finite creativity and thinking capacity he has. On the other hand, digital marketing agencies like CineCrown Productions have a creative plan that can make your product or service stand out in the market. The campaigns these agencies design and manifest will get your product the attention and appreciation it deserves.

Keeping this valid point in mind let us consider how a marketing agency like CineCrown can produce a creative and unique advertising campaign. These marketing agencies have specialized and experienced people called ‘creatives’. These creatives do not work the regular 9-5 job, instead, they are provided with a certain atmosphere and space to blossom their ideas. These people are truly capable of bringing out an original idea for an ad. Creatives are artists and not employees, these people would never mind making less money to produce the best work. These creatives only work for large agencies or innovative tech companies and if your business or brand is not one of them, you shall have a hard time finding a creative person for your marketing campaign or you may end up giving your task to someone less qualified.

Now if you entrust your digital marketing campaign to a credible marketing agency like CineCrown, and make it the source of your creativity you will not only be exposed to boundless creativity, but it shall help you elevate the long-term image of your business or industry.

5. Winning Campaigns

It is a well-known fact that with experience comes knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. Therefore experience may be hailed as the most significant factor in the hiring process. Unlike your in-house team, a prolific marketing agency like CineCrown Productions has its credibility gained through its successful and winning campaigns. A marketing agency could never be in business if it could not deliver results, constantly testing with a hit and trial method gives you the wisdom to test outcomes of a campaign. With a lot of testing comes experience and only through experience can a marketing agency guarantee you the success of your digital marketing campaign. So why would you waste your hard-earned money on an in-house team that will not guarantee a successful campaign?

Final Word

After mentioning all the points above it is pretty obvious that if you want a successful campaign with loads of creativity and potential, a campaign with a guaranteed return on investment in a substantially lower budget then you should definitely outsource your campaign to a digital marketing agency like CineCrown Productions.