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Social Media Marketing or SMM is the act of sharing content over various social media platforms to achieve digital marketing goals by reaching out to a wide range of audiences. This specific genre of marketing includes posting content, images, and videos that are engaging and appealing.

According to a recent survey more than 80% of Americans use and operate social media sites, giving SMM the potential to reach out to a lot of the population. At present, almost 90% of marketers are using social media in one way or the other to promote their brand; making it a necessity to have an active and responsive social media presence.


In order to explain the significance of social media marketing, we must first comprehend its numerous and exciting benefits. Let us talk about a business based in Sacramento; there is no reason for it to not go online to interact with its customers. Social media platforms provide the best seller-consumer interaction with engaging posts and marketing campaigns. Every industry nowadays is going online to expose itself to the world. People are looking for ease and services that are readily available over social media platforms. Moreover, new businesses and start-ups have the greatest benefit of social media and the online world when they want to introduce themselves in the market.

Facts and figures also sum up the point that people are now using social media platforms increasingly. These apps are a source of entertainment for most audiences when mixed with the proper marketing campaigns, SMM can do wonders. A study shows that there has been a mass transition from cable TV to Social Media. The time people spend in front of the TV has now been replaced by Social Media apps like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Social media has undoubtedly become a part and parcel of the American lifestyle.

Social media has strengthened communication gaps between consumers and businesses. It has connected people on a personal level; increasing the effectiveness of marketing. It is definitely a game-changer in the online world. With people accepting and using Social media increasingly, it is a must for every aspiring business to start SMM. But to get the most out of your campaigns it’s also necessary to optimize your posts with keywords to reach the maximum audience and exposure.

How it Works

Social Media Marketing works on the basic principle of navigating through certain channels to achieve the desired results. This can be done on various platforms, mainly Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, etc. Now, these channels each require their own courtesy, this is due to the fact that they all operate differently. When understood properly, they can each give excellent marketing results.

Here it is also worth mentioning how social media marketing plays its role in saving and promoting small and new businesses. Most of the businesses that fail in California or Sacramento are small, newly set-up businesses. These businesses get a greater chance of survival and success thanks to social media marketing.

Market Trends

For any small business operating in Sacramento or any other city, SMM is a must-have. The ability of a social media post to go viral makes it almost impossible to calculate its potential for exposure. Social media definitely gives the best marketing platform for businesses and agencies. Let us consider an example of a small business trying to market its way through SMM.

Someone opens a coffee shop and wants people to know about it. Now rather than taking pains of distributing pamphlets over town which hardly anyone bothers to read, he could make use of social media. In this regard, influencers come in handy. Such a business can approach people with a great fan-following to come over to their shop for coffee and with just one post over their profiles they can reach up to 100s of 1000s of people. Therefore social media marketing has great potential which should not be neglected if one is to survive in this world of fast-paced progress and evolution.

Effective Tactics

When it comes to social media marketing, there are a handful of tactics that can be used effectively to achieve marketing targets. One of these is to reach out to a local influencer to market or promote your brand. Local influencers have the complete audience and followers of that specific locality. For instance, PeopleofSacramento on Instagram has 72000 followers. Now if this page markets your brand, product, or service, you are expected to reach 72000 people or maybe more! The same strategy can be applied to other public figures or influencers like athletes, actors, dancers singers, etc. The more the fan-following of a certain influencer, the more potential he/she has to market your brand with SMM.

This is just one of the tactics available out there; the key is to get out there and experiment with newer and innovative ideas as to what works and what does not. Social media is a vast world where a lot of exploring is still to be done by marketers and businesses around the world.

Increasing Value

No doubt social media marketing and online ads are increasing day by day. The value of total ad spent is almost doubling every year with $15 Billion spent in 2018 on online advertisements. People are switching to social media from cable TV, therefore marketers are adapting to the situation by launching more and more ads on social media and the internet every year.

While you witness this increasing trend of social media amongst the youth, it is necessary for your brand to have a professional social media marketing campaign run by a production agency like CineCrown Multimedia and Video Productions. A professional and experienced agency surely makes you and your brand stand out amongst the rest!


Finally, we can conclude from the above discussion that social media is a key aspect of digital marketing and cannot be neglected. Social media marketing has great potential in the present and even greater potential and scope in the future. It is inevitable for a small business or industry to survive in the market without an effective and engaging social media presence.