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A logo is a graphic mark that identifies a company or an entity, whereas branding is the process of making your product stand out to others similar to yours. Branding is allowing you to stand out from other companies and the aim is to make you superior to them. The logo is only a part of the bigger image of what a business should do. Branding is often neglected as people fail to realize its importance.

In this section, we shall discuss the two totally different but interconnected terms of marketing; branding and logo design. First, we shall briefly explain what these terms actually mean and how are they used. Then we must differentiate the two and finally, we will be discussing their significance for a business or startup.

What’s this Logo?

According to marketers, the most believed definition is that a logo is a graphical symbol used to identify and recognize a product, a private or public entity. It is used to distinguish one brand from the other and make it stand out from all the competitors in the market.

Most people think that a brand logo is what they need from the start, but neglect to see it as the result of figuring out your brand identity first. A brand logo is only the aftermath of a great brand identity. Figuring out your niche, audience, and brand positioning is the beginning stage of the discovery of your end logo. This relates to the saying, Write the title to fit the works of an essay and not the essay to fit the title. Before you begin your logo design, figure out your brand identity first. Our team at CineCrown can help you figure this out.

A logo is also hailed as the visual entity of a brand or business. For instance, the logo of CineCrown Creative Branding and Video Productions is a crown that forms from a story storybook. This is unique to the brand and helps it to get recognized. Similarly, McDonald’s has a signature “M” as its logo.

What’s this Branding?

Branding is the collective name of an idea that shapes itself into products, services, and activities performed by the company. A brand not only represents the physical company, but the emotional ideology is also closely linked to it. Branding owns its own name, logo, staff, workplace, advertising or marketing campaigns, and other visual and physical entities.

A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers. It is the idea or image that people think of when they think about your brand. It’s not just the visuals, and physicals, of a brand that create the brand, but more of the feeling that it gives to people. Products can be created by other companies, but the brand will be the only thing that remains unique to itself.

After looking at the logo of a brand people can view and imagine all its other aspects. For example, if people look at the logo of Ralph Lauren, they can easily tell that it’s a fashion icon that has been producing great clothes for a long time. A logo could tell people what the brand is like. In short, a logo is just a trailer by which people recognize and identify the brand. The brand is a whole and a logo is its visual entity or trademark.

Comparing the Two:

We are now aware that logo design is the process of creating a logo whereas branding is the procedure of making a brand. However, creating a brand is way more complex than a logo. Branding requires a strategy for a business to create a unique identity for its product or service. It gives the consumer a clear idea of what the business is and why they need it.

Significance of Branding

The process of branding consists of the following elements which are equally important. We shall briefly explain all of these:

  • The first and foremost is the brand definition which gives a brand its value and tells the customers regarding the purpose of the brand.
  • It consists of the sponsoring and partnership; it also includes the brand positioning statement.
  • The identity of a brand; includes its name, its tone, and of course the logo of the brand.
  • A brand includes its product design and its unique packaging style.
  • The branding strategy also includes the in-store experience, customer service, and the pricing strategy of the business.

All these when put together, make up the brand.

Significance of a Logo

We think that a logo is just a little part of the branding strategy, but what we must not forget is that it will be a thing showing everywhere. A logo is what represents your brand. It will be there on your products, your packaging, your stores, your stationery, and even your website. It will be the visual entity that represents your business in advertising campaigns and brochures.

A logo, therefore, is the main focus and asset of a brand and it has its own importance. Here we shall swiftly discuss some of its features and advantages.

  • Identification: A logo is responsible for the unique identity of your brand. People recognize a brand through its logo. Be it on any channel or touchpoint, it takes a couple of seconds for people to recall the whole brand with the help of its logo.
  • Consistency: A logo can be multi-purpose and can represent your brand on every platform like social media, blogs, leaflets, etc. It gives you a sense of consistency and universality.
  • Graphical Identity: A logo will be the main tool that graphically reflects the identity of your brand on various platforms. It is the visual entity of your brand and gives it an identity of its own.
  • Professional Image: A logo is said to raise the expectations of the audience. Having a well-designed logo gives your brand a professional look. This helps to make a great perception in the customers’ minds. They think of the brand as reliable and perfect. A logo should be designed by a professional logo designer to give your brand a professional and certified look.
  • Distinction: A logo helps to distinguish your brand from all your competitors in the market. It prevents your customers from derailing into any other brand outlet. When you have recognition of your logo, people will stroll down the list of attractive logos and product designs to look for your brand’s logo. A logo that is popular and highly recognized by the audience generally gives the brand a distinction and the upper hand over its competitors.
  • Emotional Connection: A logo is an asset to a brand. This asset goes with the brand through time. It becomes the legacy of the brand. This legacy continues through generations and establishes an emotional connection between the brand and its consumers. For example, Nike` has a signature tick mark as its logo. It has been on its shoes for decades. This emotional connection boosts and enhances a brand’s identity and public recognition. Such a connection is only possible through logo design.

Brand Positioning

Successful brand positioning can be hard, but with some help, it doesn’t have to be. You will have to answer some questions to gain a better understanding of what your business can do for your customers.

  • Understand what your customers want
  • Understand what your company’s capabilities are and how you can help
  • Understand your competitor and how they’ve positioned their brand

Once you’ve identified these three steps, you can then move on to the second set of steps which includes a positioning statement that will:

  • Resonate with your consumers
  • Be delivered by your company
  • Be different from what your competitors can offer.

Three water commercial video have three different brand feeling that sways customers in a particular way. All these brands sell water, but the thing is they aim it towards different demographics and positioning. The key to this is to hone in on one group of people to further your branding agenda. Part of our duty for your business is to make sure that you are directing your attention to the appropriate channels as well as demographics.

Video 1: Evian promotes youth and makes you feel young when you drink it

Video 2: Perrier promotes sexiness and refreshingness

Video 3: Fiji promotes health and naturalness


As a result of all the discussion done above, we can say that logo design is a part of the branding procedure. A logo is the visual entity of a brand whereas a brand is a whole thing that represents your business. It is the idea and the physical business itself.

Branding is an important aspect of marketing if you are to survive in this world of cut-throat competition and so is branding. So if you want to stay in the game and slay the competition then you might want to focus on these two terms to make your business flourish!