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Having a web designer set up your site is really a necessity to make an attractive and presentable site for your business. Here we shall discuss some tips and important points that shall help you pick the perfect web designer for your website.

Using Review Sites

An easy way of getting the best web designer is using review sites and local listings such as Thumbtack, to get to know about designers through the people they have worked for. This way you could get honest opinions on their work without any hassle. Another way to cut down your work is to ask friends or other people you know about their designers and how they have helped their site.

Work Samples

Now in another scenario, where you find a web designer worthy of designing your site but aren’t quite sure about it, you can look for some work samples of that designer or agency. This will give you a better insight into the capability of the designer.

A Quality Website

We have already discussed that one needs a web designer to have a quality website, but why do we need one? The answer is plain and simple; presentation. Your website is something more than your business card, it is where customers are going to judge and guess the quality and capability of your brand. Therefore, a quality website that is professionally designed is a must for your business.

The Drawbacks

Having discussed all the significance, let us now describe the drawback of not having a website. Definitely, there’s an inconvenience for the consumers causing them to move to other options. On the other hand, if you do have a website but it is not designed properly or professionally, you will still face problems. A mismanaged and neglected site is often a disappointment for users, again causing them to leave your site and move to other high-quality sites and brands. In short, if you are to survive in the market, you are going to need a site developed by a web designer.

Replacing Marketing Experts

It is widely believed that people may no longer need marketing experts for their brands instead; their websites shall do the job for them. We are well aware of how big and successful brands do not need marketing experts that’s because their sites are so well developed and designed. Therefore, if you want to get this upper hand in the future you require getting your site designed by a professional web designer like CineCrown media and video productions. We need to acknowledge the fact that good web design is not any extra perk but it is essential for a respectable website.

Clear Communication

Last but not least, we have clear communication. Never hesitate to ask your designer basic questions no matter how irrational they sound. To get the best result out of your partnership you will have to talk to your designer about every detail and aspect.

Having discussed the tips to get a good web designer, we shall now discuss some other related points that are worth noting.


Internet Blogging went dormant for a while in the past, but now it has been revived again thanks to changes in the Google algorithm. Now for a business like yours that is seeking to get higher in SEO rankings, it must upload content and blog regularly that is optimized for those specific key-words. This shall give you great exposure to the audience and help you get on page 1 of Google. Blogging has other benefits; one can attract audiences full of curiosity with his/her engaging content. Blogging regularly on your site can give it a more professional look and drastically increase its credibility and authenticity.

CSS and Web Design

The use of CSS in web design has played a major role in the development of the industry. Before CSS web design was ugly and boring but now it is more vivid, creative, and colorful than ever before.

Flash and its Complications

Flash was abundantly used in the recent past to design websites, but due to its complicity, it has now been forgotten, and for good reason. Professional web designers like CineStory Creative Agency do not use a ‘flashy’ design instead keep things simple and efficient.

Simple or Fancy?

Having said that designers do not prefer fancy layouts; let us give you some reasons to have a simple layout for your website rather than a fancy one. Firstly, a fancy site that is loaded with a lot of funky features and stuff could take forever to load. Customers hardly wait 2 or 3 seconds for a site to load, if your site takes longer you’re going to lose traffic. Therefore, keeping things simple increases the efficiency of your site. Moreover, a simple site looks more professional and user-friendly than a fancy site with many complications. The key here is to make a site that is the most practical for consumers to surf through. We must never compromise user experience for the looks and décor of our site. All you need is a clear and crisp web design that gives a good user experience and a perfect image of your business or industry. No one is going to remember your site for its great looks but they surely will remember and curse the inconvenience they had due to that funky design.

A lifesaver

Asking to view the site when it’s halfway through the production process can save you a lot of hassle. It is never a bad idea to have a look at the beta version of the site while it is under development. This could give you a chance to point out the errors or things you want to be changed to the designer. Now rather than feeling dismayed when the site is published, you could have these flaws corrected while it’s under development. This may prove a lifesaver in certain situations.


To conclude this whole topic, it can be said that professional design is a part of a professional site and you have to hire a web designer for this task. After discussing all the tips to get a web designer it can be mentioned that if you’re looking for a web designer in Sacramento, feel free to contact CineStory media and video productions to get your task done by the right people.