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Before you even start looking at venues, ask yourself what is your style. Depending on the style of your wedding, each venue will suit it better than another. There are many aspects that should be accounted for when choosing a specific venue, but style outweighs others. Check the theme of your wedding and how your dress will look. Does the venue compliment the dress? Does the venue have the vibe you are looking for?

Ask Your Photographer

Select a photographer and ask them for recommendations. You would be surprised at how knowledgable photographers are with venues, styles, and tips that you would not have known. Photographers who have much more experience will understand most venues in and out and also give recommendations on other vendors such as DJs, decor, caters, etc. Don’t be afraid to look for your photographer first and ask for their opinion!

Think About Your Guest

It can be easy to forget about what’s best for the guest when you are deciding on everything. Keep in mind that you want a venue that will be of ease for the guests to travel to and have enough parking for everyone. This is especially important if you are planning to have two separate locations (very common) because you need one for the ceremony and one for the reception. Making travel easy for your guests will be the best way to ensure everyone has a great experience attending your wedding.


Of course the big B! The budget does play the most important role in most situations. Depending on what your budget is, seek out a venue that can work for you. Although we know you want to make sure you can afford everything, keep in mind how important the correct venue is and if it means spending a bit more, you shouldn’t hold yourself back from making it happen. Budgeting is very important, but it can set us apart from getting what we really want.

Venue Service

The next important aspect you need to include in your venue choice is the service of the venue. Will they accommodate your needs? Check their reviews to see how their past clients have enjoyed their venue. Some venues may have limitations on the guest amount and charge you for bringing in outside services that aren’t theirs, so be sure to ask questions and verify. Check-in and check-out times: be sure the touch base on this just in case you need more time for the wedding and make sure to know the additional costs, upfront.