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Every business owner wants their company to become the epitome of success and a role model for others in similar fields. Many factors make a company shine and reach out to many clients through the message being sent out. In other words, capturing customer attention is the main prerogative in this case, and this can only be achieved by sending out your company’s message about what makes it unique. This requires online video marketing strategies geared at reaching out to more clients and customers. Hence, this article discusses the significance and types of relevant marketing videos that every small business should have on their company website

Why Online Video Marketing Is Essential

A survey has revealed that an average person pays attention for only 8 seconds while browsing online. This implies that if you need your audience to pay attention to your online content for longer, you need engaging marketing videos. These videos help shorten the cycle of your sales because they deliver highly informed and confident sales prospects. The data and information delivered by the marketing videos help convince your audience about your products and how you deliver your services to your customers. However, there are 5 top marketing videos that you need to have on your company website, as discussed in the following section.

1. Corporate Branding Video

Tells your StoryBrand and makes consumers fall in love with your brand or company through an emotional connection. This helps create your reputation and trust with customers. This video should highlight the story of your brand, your personality, and your philosophy, as well as client and employee testimonials. Furthermore, brand videos are the best tool to clear all misconceptions and assumptions, enabling you to tell your story. The three essential strategies to be included in the brand video include:

  • Making it personal to include meaningful stories. A brand addresses your personality since you want to develop a connection with your clients and customers.
  • Focusing on your strengths and that which makes you resilient. In your brand, dwell on what has made your company stand for this long.
  • Being brief. Use the first 15 seconds to grasp your audience’s attention and let your video last not more than two minutes.
  • Create a StoryBrand of “WHO we are”, “WHAT we believe”, “WHY we love what we do”, and “HOW we are different”.
  • Develop Brand awareness and a “Quick-Look” at your company culture.
  • Vision and Mission statement, company core values.

2. Social Media Marketing Video

After you build a brand video, this video increases engagement with consumers using share, like, commenting, or retweeting online. This video is the most effective in promoting and advertising your products and services has a clear focus message for advertising and marketing purposes and is designed to make an impact online. Social media promotional videos are useful in generating more interest in important company announcements. Furthermore, they promote press releases, product launches, and upcoming events. Promotional videos capture your audience’s curiosity through exciting information and storytelling.

  • Lead Generation connects to a landing page or social media.
  • Create Sales and Brand awareness, and Increase traffic.
  • The message is a short promotion and clearly defines

3. Testimonial & Case Study Videos

These are the next important videos every business should have and they will always be your best-selling tools and your most important Lead Generator. Case study videos, define how you solve problems for your clients which helps gain confidence for buyers.

  • Helps close the sale.
  • Positive client reviews to increase trust and reputation.
  • Modern “Word-of-Mouth”.

4. Product/Service Explainer Video

Also known as the “how-to” or instructional video, provides useful information to establish expertise & authority and can be created through live-action or instructional animation. This is the most popular video to put on your home page Quickly explain details about a product or service that you’re offering. this commercial video shows your audience how to use the product or service your company is providing. In this category, you may consider using a set of simple and user-friendly instructions. “How-to” videos are a good way of explaining your products’ essential points, especially when your audience wants to learn more about the same. Without going into details, you only need to highlight the goal, demonstrate how it can be achieved using your product, and show or explain the results.

This type of marketing video is useful in showcasing your products, their features, and their benefits to your audience. Demonstrate to your audience how your product works to ensure that they recognize its value. As assistance, digital marketers are likely to come in by simplifying your seemingly complex demonstration, making the video serve as the road to a new experience.

You can use an expert video to address customer questions, making your company unique and different from the rest. Customers may have appetites for certain information regarding products and services, which is a great opportunity to send out your message. However, it is not recommended to use a commercial-like video, as this will turn away your customers. Expert videos are a good way of building customer confidence, as well as demonstrating thought leadership. Some tips you should know for this explainter video.

  • How-to videos work best when the audience is curious and ready to learn.
  • Nurture prospective customers that will lead to a sale.
  • How-to, helpful tips, support, and solving a problem.
  • “What’s in it for me” – answers questions for buyers.
  • Not a sales video – indirectly introduces your brand.

5. Brand Culture and Recruiting Videos

Very similar to StoryBrand Video, these videos create continued Behind-the-Scenes of company culture in more detailed stories from one or more aspects of the leaders or employees. These videos continue to remind the audience about company culture & share beliefs and humanize your brand. A recruiting video is created to attract the “Right fit” potential employees.

  • Emotionally connects to the fun and creativity of your brand.
  • Defines your brand and what it stands for.
  • Quick glance at company persona.
  • Share company culture and news.

Sacramento Video Production

There is a wide range of activities at CineCrown video productions in Sacramento, including award-winning services in video production, from short-lived social media videos to full-scale, on-site productions. This is accomplished by a skilled production team at CineCrown Studios, which produces thousands of high-end videos for its clients around the world. The Sacramento production process puts keen attention on all the video industry facets, right from concept building to completion.

The types of videos produced at CineCrown include Broadcast Commercials, Training Videos, Political Spots, Social Media Content, PSAs, Documentary, Corporate Videos, Product Videos, Event, and Conference Videos, as well as Customer Testimonial Videos. As California’s capital, Sacramento has various unique locations and sceneries perfect for video backdrops. It takes a few minutes to drive from Sacramento to the Bay Area, San Francisco, and Roseville, enabling the production team to access beautiful locations. Moreover, there is an on-site studio, out of which the team creates broadcast commercials, motion graphics, training videos, as well as short sports designed for client websites and social media. The studio boasts sufficient lighting, audio capabilities, various backdrops such as a green screen, and staff services.

The Sacramento video post-production crew is adequately experienced in multilingual voiceovers, animations, motion graphics, closed captioning, and sound engineering. These qualities make CineCrown Studios an option to consider if you want to have high-quality marketing videos for your company or business.

Closing Thoughts

There are many ways through which you can create commercial videos for your company. As a smaller business owner, you can have low-cost videos depending on your budget and the willingness to share them with various production companies. The 5 videos discussed in this article are vital in guaranteeing your company a closer relationship with your customers. Moreover, your audience gets the opportunity to learn more about the products and services offered by your company. The secret is ensuring that the videos are simple and to the point, as well as captivating and engaging. This makes your audience develop a positive attitude and confidence in your products by appreciating their value. Moreover, your company ends up standing out from your competitors in similar fields. Therefore, do not overlook the essentiality of online video marketing in your small business and company’s progress.