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Just as a picture speaks a thousand words, music speaks a thousand meanings. Selecting the right songs and having live music at your wedding sets the mood and style. When choosing to hire a musician make sure he has a musical background and is passionate and talented at playing his instrument. Make sure your musician can help you select songs that reflect the uniqueness of your love story and understand the importance of song choice. Michael Sean Miller is a true artist in every sense and has mastered the craft of guitar playing. He is well-versed in many genres and can help couples choose the perfect songs to set the mood of their wedding.

Seating Music

As your guests arrive, music creates a special atmosphere where they will experience something unique and powerful, your love story. Choose music that your guests will feel like they are stepping into a magical atmosphere where they feel and know they are about to be a part of something incredible.

Processional Music

Now that your guests have entered the magical ambiance of your wedding ceremony… The stage is set. As your bridal party is making their way to the altar choose a song that will build for the big moment when you see each other. After a few short pauses, a second more meaningful song begins. Then you appear. The song chosen for you to walk down the aisle should represent the deepest emotions and meanings shared between the two of you. The more meaning there is in the music, the more you will both share at this moment.

Mid-Ceremony Music

After your wedding officiant has welcomed your guests, and you both have exchanged vows, and rings; it is an ideal time for you both to reflect on the meaning of these words together as you both share in a unity candle lighting or other shared display of your lives being joined together. Choose instrumental music that will frame this special moment with meaning. This ceremony is a beautiful way to lead into when the officiant gives his blessing and leads into the biggest, and most climactic moment.

Recessional Music

Having shared these sacred moments reflecting on your love, commitment, and the meaning of your life that you both will share together. The climactic moment of celebration is when the officiant pronounces you both for the very first Mr. and Mrs. This celebration moment is by far the most joyous and having Live Music meet this moment with dynamic joy can make for something you’ll both remember for the rest of your lives! Choose a song to be played that inspires both you and your guests to celebrate!

Wedding Music by Michael